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Excerpts from Homestead Paperwork
Patented November 8, 1909

Four witnesses were:
- John W. Wentworth
- John Henry "Rimrock" Thompson
- Guy Boardman
- William "Bill Boardman

"In 1875 I went on tract and located; I began fencing ground and clearing to cultivate it. Three months after I entered tract my house was built on tract and I began permanent occupancy; log house; adobe house; orchard; rail fence inc. 50 acres; barn, corral, coops; total value $1,000.00."
The Belluzzis
Bartolomeo Belluzzi was born in La Spezia, Italy on November 26, 1848. He left Italy and was naturalized in the U.S. on May 18, 1875.

He married Mercedes Mungarro in 1879 and they had the first of 7 children in 1880.

Bartolomeo's son Bert patented the area now known as Beaver Valley.